KOCH Engineering Company Shares
Koch Engineering Company in its efforts to be pro-active in the reduction and elimination of cumulative trauma disorders (CTD’s) associated with the wrists started using the MAP program in June of 1996. The PMAP identifies individuals in a high risk group for the possible development of a cumulative trauma disorder to the wrists. The MAP program is actually accelerating the pro-active efforts at Koch Engineering to eliminate CTD’s from the workplace. The MAP itself does not eliminate the CTD’s from the workplace, but it is an excellent tool to identify work areas and departments that require ergonomic attention. The MAP is also showing itself to be a good early warning system for individuals in the early stages of developing a cumulative trauma disorder to the wrist. On one occasion an employee with a high MAP rating was in the process of developing a CTD to the wrist and prompt medical treatment was given reversing the advent of the CTD.

Since the inception of the MAP program at Koch Engineering, workers’ compensation costs have been reduced by 60%. The MAP in conjunction with ergonomic analysis and ergonomic changes is helping Koch Engineering reduce the number of CTD claims and the severity of those claims and is correlating to lower workers’ compensation cost.

Brad Rhodes
EH&S Manager
Koch Engineering Company, Inc.