Authorization to Participate in CtdMAP
Informed Consent Statement
You are being invited to participate in a research to help us better understand musculoskeletal pain in the workplace.  Participation is completely voluntary.  There is no charge or payment to you for participating in the study.  If you decide to withdraw from the study at a later date, there is no penalty.  The purpose of this study is to detect health risks, determine their relationship to the workplace, and evaluated strategies to help reduce those risks.  A survey (a set of questions and measures) has been designed to assist employers in detecting possible potential health concerns.  The survey is limited in nature and is not intended to identify all possible or potential health risks.  The survey involves about 30 minutes of your time.  The questions and answers in the survey are similar to the information that my employer maintains as a requirement of my employment and I understand that this information may be shared with my employer, the Food and Drug Administration, and Regional Medical Center Institutional Review Board.  My participation and completion of the survey is the same as if I had signed this informed consent agreement with my signature.  For questions regarding this study, I may contact: or3685 Individual and activities risk screening Informed Consent Statement 00-07-16.