Individual Risk

Why are some people more likely than others to develop muscle pain with activities? For the same reason some of us see better than others, can run faster, jump higher, or think faster. We are who we are based on intrinsic factors that include are age, gender, genetic (inherited characteristics) and environmental that we often group into biopsychosocial.

We are not all the same height, weight, muscle strength, endurance, heart capacity, or motivation. When we perform physical activities are muscle burn energy and produce waste products. When the waste products get to high we get muscle pain.

Using a survey to ask questions about your age, gender, genetic (inherited characteristics), height, weight, muscle strength, endurance, heart capacity, and motivation and individual risk score for the likelihood of developing muscle pain with physical activities can be calculated.

By knowing who is more likely to have muscle pain with activities, interventions can be started to improve you physical capacity. This is very similar to spring training for baseball players or the pre season in football. Athletes know the importance of getting into shape. You the employee athlete need to treat your body in the same conditioning approach.

The CtdMAP provide an individual risk score of 1 low to 7 high. Lower scores suggest individual who have better physical capacity for activities and higher scores identify individual who would benefit from conditioning and eduction. This approach is similar to blood pressure screening, diabetes screening, or cancer screening which is commonly done for all individuals.