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The CtdMAP Survey is a questionnaire to assess musculoskeletal pain
Numbness in the hand and fingers is usually caused by nerve entrapment at the wrist.
The MAP defines jobs by job title, Department, Group/Division, and Area/Region.
Job is defined as the job or position that an individual performs at work.
The survey is a commonly used questionnaire while the measures is the traditional physical examination.
Most people think of Repetitive Strain Disorders as an injury. Actually, Repetitive Strain Disorders (RSI) is really a misnomer.
No and possibly yes. Repetitive motion does cause friction wear damage in tissues and this contributes to CTD problems.
Tendinitis is the inflammation of a tendon.
People often ask why we see so many cumulative trauma disorders today, when we heard very little about this problem a few years ago.
Yes. Women are more likely to develop CTD (If CTD is defined as musculoskeletal pain).
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