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I am a Certified Ergonomist with over eight years of experience working in the fields of ergonomics and occupational rehabilitation. I have spent an extensive amount of time at MotionWatch developing an ergonomic assessment program that is cost effective with a high return on investment for our customers.

The CtdMAP is now an integral step in MotionWatch’s ergonomic assessment process. As a Certified Ergonomist working in industry I am constantly faced with the dilemma of which employees should receive the focus of our ergonomic services. The CtdMAP has solved this problem. I am now able to use the CtdMAP to identify 20% of the employee population who are at high risk of acquiring a musculoskeletal disorder. I then focus our interventions on the high risk individuals. Rather than providing generic services to all employees at a facility, I can concentrate my efforts on the individuals at high and moderate risk of injury. By doing this, the company is able to target all of their prevention dollars on individuals who need attention. This non-traditional targeting of ergonomic interventions was not possible prior to the development of the CtdMAP.

The CtdMAP also meshes very nicely with OSHA’s proposed Ergonomic Standard. By using the CtdMAP to identify and intervene early in the injury process, companies are able to keep many jobs out from under the umbrella of OSHA.

Mark A. Heidibrecht, MSE, ACSM, CEA